What LEADS2012.net is about.


Our menu reveals an eclectic collection of tasks and capabilities that have accumulated over a number of years.You are very welcome to browse thru this menu, but you are probably here thru a link someone sent you in order to peruse our main attraction, the Stock Portfolio Development System that can be revealed by clicking the following http://www.leads2012.net/webapplication14 or selected from the main menu if you chooseBACK TO THE MENU.


The remainder of our menu consists of describing some other mundane services such as fixing your computer, helping you to acclimate to some new techniques or software and tantalizing you with some new ideas such as the dispute resolution model we describe.This model has been festering as an idea for well over 15 years.It remains as a wonderful idea especially, as we approach milestones such as the upcoming elections and those of 2008 and 2012.But, the emphasis now, is on the portfolio development system, and we encourage your exploration of that offering.


Please do not read the following description of improvements and enhancements we plan for that system until you have had a chance to understand what is in place now.The first improvement is in the area of appearance. Several dates that appear in our display will be shortened to eliminate the time portion, which is unnecessary, and will compress the whole display for easier viewing.In parallel with this release will be the expansion of the number of stocks that are to be used in our universe for selection. Also to be included in this first revision is the availability of intermediate reports of details of the background simulations.


If we havenít lost you by now, read on to find out what is planned for the second release.There, we will provide a reporting of how each of your personal strategies fared on a daily basis.Implied by this is the ability to issue buy and sell orders for your own (or agentís) use in real trading.Thatís a plateful for now and weíll be delighted to deliver these two releases on a timely basis.

Finally, there will be periodic releases of our system that will provide new techniques that are exploratory at this time and will be defined as a result of our own investigation and possibly our usersí input.An example of a new technique is the addition of new methods for developing strategies.At the present, we have three and weíre not really sure that two of those are effective.

We close this section with a warning about perceptions and expectations.You should not be here as an investor!The ability to discover a method, strategy or technique at our site is too far down the road for you we suspect.You should not be here as a browser looking for a magic formula to improve their approach.The process we are using is slow and tedious in understanding and requires more from you than we suspect you are willing to invest.If we have not scared you away, we look forward to your participation and contribution to the growth of this site.